The missing BDD tool

Browser Automation

Testatoo is an easy to use functional test solution for web applications. It wraps the W3C WebDriver API around a powerful DSL to perform assertions and actions

Main Features

Powerful Syntax

Testatoo have a simple but powerful syntax which enables you to write tests very quickly. Now you can write your tests FIRST.

Clear Abstraction

Testatoo come with a clear Domain UI abstraction. Abstraction is the sinews of war in UI Testing.

Easy To Extend

Testatoo is easy to extend to define your own components definition and share it to the world.

Selenium based

Testatoo is a wrapper on the best known Selenium WebDriver. In any time you can switch on it.

Cloud services

As Selenium wrapper Testatoo works with cloud testing providers, such as SauceLabs and BrowserStack.

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