A Domain-Specific Language for UI testing

Testatoo is the result of numerous real-world observations of developers in the trenches in the area of GUI testing.

Working for many years to promote the TDD approaches, we often faced difficulties in their implementation for the graphical layer of applications.

The "TEST FIRST" principle excludes all scenario recorder based approaches that only allow you to write a posteriori tests. Our experience has taught us that this path is a dead end (but we reserve this for another discussion...).

Another problem is GUI tests are brittle and costly! We do think that this is due to the lack of abstraction in existing UI testing tools.

Testatoo provides on one hand an abstraction of the UI business domain through an expressive API and, on the other hand, a way to express this domain via a DSL (a button semantically stays a button whatever is the technology). With Testatoo you can therefore write tests with a seldom achieved level of expressiveness and make these tests INDEPENDENT of the underlying technology.